Strawberry Spinach Almond Salad Recipe

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I always feel a little silly when I contemplate blogging about a salad, but this one was just too good to be true. Truth me told, I’m not really a salad girl in the first place. Most salads I enjoy (buffalo chicken with blue cheese, for example) are so unhealthy that they shouldn’t even be put in the salad category.

This one, however, is just perfect. Start with crunchy baby spinach, add sweet sliced strawberries, diced red onions to counteract that sweetness, sliced almonds for crunch, creamy manchego cheese, chopped turkey for protein, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to tie it all together. Delish!

Oh yea, and don’t forget to save a couple of strawberries to dip in Nutella for dessert!


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