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I am always on the hunt for amazing sugar-free or “no sugar added” products. Despite the common knowledge that sugar is inherently bad for you, corporate brands often pour the sweet stuff into every product imaginable. It can be a bit of challenge to find healthy, great-tasting products without added sugar. Here are 5 options to get you going.



What it is: A natural sugar substitute without the guilt.

Why It’s Special: Stevia leaf extract, which is a key ingredient in Truvia, is 200 times sweeter than traditional sugar. That means only a small amount is used, which saves you lots of calories without comprising flavor. Slip it in your coffee, tea, or greek yogurt. Unlike other sugar substitutes, Truvia is great for baking too! Check out my cookie recipe here for inspiration.

Where to buy: Available here.



Devotion Vodka

What it is: A sugar-free, gluten-free, American-made vodka that comes in 7 flavors and is certified non-GMO.

Why It’s Special: No one likes to drink their calories, and you shouldn’t have to. This sugar-free spirit allows you to have fun at the party without compromising your diet. Mix it with fresh, muddled fruit and club soda for a refreshing cocktail that won’t derail your health and fitness goals.

Where to buy: Click here to find a vendor near you.


Two Chicks Cocktails

What it is: Pre-mixed cocktails boasting all-natural, simple ingredients.

Why It’s Special: Available in Twisted Lemon and Bodacious Blueberry, Two Chicks Cocktails take the guess work out of mixing drinks. They’re sweetened with stevia and boast only 45-53 calories per serving. Throwing a party? Simply pour over ice and garnish with fresh fruit and mint.

Where to buy: Click here to find a vendor near you.


RUNA Clean Energy Drinks

What it is: Organic, naturally caffeinated drinks that give you the same buzz as a cup of coffee without the crash.

Why It’s Special: RUNA energy drinks come in delicious flavors like Hibiscus Berry, Honeysuckle Mint, and Peach. Naturally sweetened, they contain zero sugar and are made from Guayusa, a naturally caffeinated tree leaf found in the Amazon sourced exclusively from indigenous farming families in Ecuador. Through their partnership with Ecuadorian farmers, RUNA has improved the livelihood of over 3,000 Ecuadorian families, and contributed to the sustainability of the Amazonian rain forests.

Where to buy: Click here to find a vendor near you.


Vintage Seltzer

What it is: Carbonated water with no added ingredients.

Why It’s Special: You’d be surprised to learn how some seltzers and club sodas sneak sugar into their drinks. Vintage Seltzer keeps it real with zero calories and zero added sugar. They come in a variety of flavors too! Drink it on it’s own, mix it with the aforementioned Vodka, or check out my “mocktail” recipes here.

Where to buy: Click here to find a vendor near you.

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  1. Katie Kelly
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    Ok, this post is life changing. ESPECIALLY that vodka!! I need that! I also put Truvia in everything! I love making healthy desserts and sweets with the baking blend.

    • Jess
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      Me too! Truvia is life-changing!!

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