The Best Parts About Living in a Big City

1. You’ll end up meeting new people with different backgrounds, ideas, and experiences from your own, broadening your perception and opinions for the better.

2. Although it can be competitive, there are so many job opportunities and incredible companies in big cities. The job search can be intense- but if you keep looking you’ll end up finding something that’s worth it.

3. You can wear literally anything you want and not be judged. If you’re ever wondering if you can get away with what you want to wear, just remember that someone else is wearing something way crazier than you.

4. I never considered myself a true “foodie” before moving to a big city. With endless amounts of restaurants, you’re spoiled for choice and end up wanting to try everything.

5. Just like restaurants- there’s also endless amounts of shops. Whether it’s designers or boutiques, you’ll end up discovering new fashion and revamping your closet.

6. If you’re ever bored in a big city— that’s your own fault. There’s so much to do, so if you’re an indecisive person you might have a problem. Whether it’s concerts, art walks, food festivals or a farmer’s market, you can always find something to do.

7. Lastly, you’ll end up appreciating the sights of the city and realize how lucky you are to be apart of it.

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