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When I first moved to the Big City, I resisted Equinox for one reason and one reason only- that shit is expensive! Pardon my french, but paying $150+ per month to workout seemed ridiculous. After testing out a few gyms and doing my research, I gave it a shot and I have to admit I’m very glad I did. Equinox is pricey. There is no argument there, but it really is a spectacular fitness experience. To validate the cost/make myself feel better give you the inside scoop, here are the top 10 reasons I love equinox. In no particular order…

top reasons to try equinox gym nyc

1. Space. Here’s a theory for you: a high price breeds exclusivity, and exclusivity equals less crowding. In a city known for cramming together like sardines in a can, you can only imagine what it looks like in most gyms: lines for cardio machines, empty weight racks, and no floor space. Not a problem at the lovely Equinox. Even on the most crowded day (Hello, Monday nights…) it’s really not that bad.

top 10 reasons to love equinox gym

2. Kiehl’s Products. Would you think less of me if I admitted I rarely shower at home? What if I said I no longer buy shampoo or conditioner? Because I may  or may not have taken an empty bottle into the shower to fill up. Once or twice. But can you really blame me? Lord knows I can’t really afford Keihl’s products and they are sooooo luxurious. So when it comes to showering at home versus showering at Equinox, the gym always wins.

keihls products at equinox gym nyc fitness blog

3.Eucalyptus Towels. Stay with me on this one because these are the best things since sliced bread. Cool, damp towels infused with eucalyptus are rolled up in a mini-fridge just waiting to chill and soothe your rosy complexion. It is so refreshing and smells like heaven. Nothing feels better after a grilling workout.

Eucalyptus Towels Equinox gym reviews nyc


4. Cyclesanity. Speaking of a grilling working, nothing compares to Jillian Wright’s spin class. Her choice of music is motivating and her energy is inspiring. Wright challenges you and empowers you to exceed your goals and improve with each class. Corny, I know, but it’s the truth. She makes cardio fun, which is something I never thought would come out of my mouth!

cyclesanity jillian wright equinox gym fitness blog


5. The Equinox iPhone App. There’s no better way to plan our your routine and track results than with the Equinox iPhone App. I use this baby to check into the gym and record progress. Enter in the length of your workout and calories burned, and you can run weekly, monthly and yearly reports. It just puts everything into perspective.

equinox app best gym nyc fitness blogger


6.  The Blog: Q by Equinox. Whether you’ve hit a plateau or are interested in the newest fitness regime, Equinox is on top of it. They are a source of trusted information when it comes to fitness and nutrition, and the blog is always well-written with detailed videos and quality images. There are no fad diets or tricks- everything is based on natural, proven methods for staying in shape.

q blog equinox fitness and nutrition blog


7. Cleanliness. There’s nothing more disgusting than a moldy, smelly gym. All that sweat and heat just breeds bacteria. Equinox enlists a cleaning crew like no other to keep the space in ship shape. Done with the treadmill? Left a sweat mark on the yoga mat? They’ll take care of it.

equinox gym new york new york

8. The Members. I was surprised to find that Equinox has an impressive mix of body diversity- all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels (with a few celebrities mixed in, I should note.) It’s a really encouraging place to workout when you see a young body builder lifting weights next to a 85 year old. The general camaraderie at Equinox is very unique and proves that there’s room for all of us in the word of health and fitness.

Photo Cred: Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
Photo Cred: Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

9. The Trainers. Lots of gyms claim they have trainers on the floor to lend a helping hand, but Equinox is the first gym where I’ve found this to be true. On several occasions, I’ve been doing my thing, minding my business, when someone comes along to show me a better way to achieve my goal. “Did you know you’re not using that machine effectively?” “Why, no, I did not. Please teach me!” I’ve gotten more free training sessions from the friendly staff than they originally offered, and their knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness is unprecedented. Having said that, I recently hired a trainer at Equinox. We work out twice a week. She is not a meat-head. My body is changing. I think I love her.


10. Referral Benefits. For each new member that you recruit, Equinox will credit your membership one FREE month. Phil and I joined together, and were even allowed to “refer each other.” …Sooo, if you’re interested…don’t forget to drop my name by  reception and help a sister out. See how I did that? No, really though. I could use another free month.

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  1. Travis W
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    Thank you for this amazing post! I just received a one year membership prize at a fundraiser and was curious about the Equinox experience. This post certainly answered many of the questions I’d been thinking!

    I’ll be starting my membership this upcoming Friday and look forward to a year (maybe even more 😁) of new fitness achievements!

    • Jess
      | Reply

      Wow, lucky you!! Good luck 🙂

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