Transatlantic Tables: An Open Letter to London Travelers in NYC

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Dear London Travelers,

First of all, how much fun was the Transatlantic Tables event with Opentable? I don’t know about you, but I had a fabulous time! Both the company of local bloggers and the unique cuisine at Hundred Acres were incredible.

You and I are both incredibly lucky to live in cities that boast such a magnificent melting pot of International cuisine. One of my favorite things about dining in New York City is the diversity. You can explore so many cultures and cuisines here at all different price points. Even the Halal truck offers an amazing explosion of flavor- and for only $5! Having said that, choosing a restaurant in an unfamiliar city with so many options can be very overwhelming. Here are my top picks for you on your next visit.

Day 1

Spend your first day in the Big Apple exploring the unique Meatpacking district. Make sure to visit the Chelsea Market, where you’ll find an array of great foodie-friendly shops. Exit on 9th Avenue and make your way over to the Highline: an old subway track that’s been converted into a public park. Check out the art installations and murals as you stroll around and work up an appetite.


Asian Wings at Spice Market | Photo:
Asian Wings at Spice Market | Photo:


In the evening, make your way over to Spice Market for a very “New York” moment at one of the city’s coolest restaurants. Every friend that visits me from another town is always looking for one “swanky Sex and the City” style meal, and this is it. Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s fare is a fusion of Southeast Asian cuisine and while it’s not easy on the wallet, it’s a must-try! If you enjoy Vietnamese, Indian, and Thai flavors, you will die over the sweet and spicy curries, crispy rice sushi, and exceptional cocktails. Still feeling sassy after dinner? You’re just steps away from some of the hottest clubs in town.


Day 2

Whenever my English relatives visit New York, they come with an empty suitcase. Designer duds are arguably cheaper here, so you may as well take advantage! Spend today shopping in SoHo, and don’t forget to check out some local stores too! Necessary Clothing is one of New York’s best kept secrets. It’s as cheap as Forever 21 but with a far better selection.


Shrimp Tacos at Toloache | Photo:
Shrimp Tacos at Toloache | Photo:


Once dusk starts to fall, head to my all-time favorite restaurant: Toloache Thomspon. This Mexican restaurant is so much fun. It’s totally un-pretentious with the friendliest waitstaff, the freshest food, and the most amazing margaritas. I can safely say these are the best margaritas in town, but be warned! They are much stronger than they appear. Everything from the tacos to the Miso-tequila glazed black Cod are delicious at this neighborhood spot. Trust me, because I’ve tried it all!

Day 3

Grab a bagel and a cold-brew (you’re in America, now!) from a local cafe and take it easy today in Central Park. Check out the zoo, go for a bike ride, or just stroll around and enjoy the street performers. In the afternoon, head over to Museum Mile on 5th Avenue to visit one of our many art museums. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Guggenheim hold some of the world’s most precious pieces.


Bacon Cheeseburger at JG Melon | Photo:


In the evening, you have two local choices on the Upper East Side- just a quick 10 minute walk from the park. For a great American burger, you have to check out J.G. Melon. This chef hangout is cash-only and nothing fancy, but the burgers are arguably the best in the city. Sit al fresco, order a classic cheeseburger with a side of cottage fries, and wash it all down with an ice cold beer.


Scotch Eggs at Jones Woods Foundry |


Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for a warm Sunday Roast like you’d get back home, Jones Woods Foundry is the place to be. As a native Brit (I was naturalized as a US citizen in ’07) I can say with total confidence that this place is one of the more authentic English gastropubs in the city. Nobody makes Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding like Jones Woods, and the scotch eggs are pretty amazing too- just like Mum and Dad make!


Wherever you go and whatever you do, please enjoy my city! New York has so much to offer and there’s no place quite like it.


Happy travels,

Jess xx



This post is provided in partnership with Opentable. I received a complimentary meal at Hundred Acres restaurant for writing this article. All opinions are authentically my own.

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