Vince Camuto Sale: Jan, 2015

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As a 28 year old professional, I feel that I can no longer shop at discount stores like Forever 21 or H&M. Don't get me wrong- I always try- but at the end of the day, I can't help but feel that I'm just too old. As an adult, I see the benefit of investing in quality pieces. Pieces that don't fall apart or become tattered after a few months of wear. That's why Vince Camuto has become one of my favorite brands.Their products stand the test of time. They're comfortable and they're worth the extra pennies. I can't always afford full price, but luckily they have the best sales and I happen to live right across the street from their Upper East Side location. If that's not God telling me to shop, shop, shop- I don't what it is. Behold my top picks for their winter sale: 

Booties Rockin’ Everywhere

One of my favorite tricks for winter shoe-shopping is to wait until January, when all the stores have post-holiday sales. Boots can be expensive, but they're 100% necessary if you live in a cold climate like New York. 


Wedge boots are necessary for girls who like to walk! I love the shape of these. They're a perfect balance between professional and sexy- not too clunky and definitely not boring! 


The metallic detail on these boots is gorgeous! Who doesn't love a little flash of gold when you kick up your heels? And those buttons? Totes adorbs. 


The chestnut brown shade of these boots will compliment your favorite denim. Bonus points if you purchase in store (I snagged these for only $79!) 


There's something about black suede that melts my heart. It's luxurious in texture and look amazing with leather skinnies. The slim design is modern, urban, and timeless. (Also only $79 in store.)


I love the color and heel height of these gray booties. Every girl needs low, medium, and high-heeled boots and these fit the bill for that mid-range lift. 


A little hardware never hurt anyone, and the subtle biker-chic aesthetic of these boots is an appropriate hint of "bad-ass" without being "costumey."


Everyone in NYC has the "Walda" boot, but stay with me because there is a reason. They are comfortable, waterproof, and warm. These boots are essential for winter. 

Resort Flats

It's rainy and snowy here, and you know you're going to need a weekend in Maimi ASAP. Invest in some cute flats that take you from the airport to the beach and all the way into summer. 


Okay, these aren't on sale. But how cute are these studded espadrilles? The powder blue shade would look fabulous with white jeans and a chambray top. Amirite? Or am I right... 


If you're sticking to the sale, go for the espadrille's urban cousin- the leather version with mini studs. These will make the perfect spring transitional flats to take you into the warmer months.


Get a head's start on summer and invest in these metallic sandals. A baby-heel and sleek design make them versatile and a your future summer staple. 

Heels, Glorious Heels

Winter or not, I can't help but be drawn to a tall, sexy stiletto. Some people like puppies, some people like pumpkin spiced lattes, I like shoes. So sue me. 


These are perfection. The rustic brown leather says casual, but the straps and gold detailing say, "Pour me another vodka soda." The could easily sex up the most simple, basic outfit.


For your Little Black Dress, you need some killer Little Black Heels. These are glitzy enough to make a statement, but they're not overkill. New York is a pretty casual town, so I'd pair these with a simple black dress, romper, or distressed denim shorts for a night in da club.

Bada Bling

These metallic stilettos covered in Swarovskis crystals are beyond gorgeous! In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die." If you're heading to a formal event this spring- pack these in yo' bag, gurl.


I'm a sucker for neutrals, but every outfit needs a little pop of color. That's where accessories come in. Scarves, bags, and jewelry are a great way to infuse a little more personality into your wardrobe. 


Orange you glad to read this blog post? This little clutch is sleek and sexy, and that pop of color is devine. Plus, it matches my Christmas present perfectly. 


Bring out your wild side with this leopard hobo bag. Its relaxed shape is can take you from day to night, and the punchy print goes with almost anything.


Aztec is in, and the bright fun print of this scarf might help you ditch the winter blues. It's cozy and comfy, and can take you from winter to spring. For $30, you can't really beat it.

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