Packing for Miami Beach

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You guys. I think I’ve come down with something. I don’t feel right. My skin has become a shader pale of white. And it’s super dry. I can’t stop shivering. I’m lethargic and I’m stiff. And my hair? I look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. I think… I think I may have the winter blues.

And there’s only one cure. MIAMI. 

Thankfully, I was able to find a great deal on Groupon for a 3-day/2-night stay at the Breakwater Hotel for about $200/night. For a 4.5 star hotel right on the beach, I feel pretty good about the impulse buy. I’ve secured a couple of plane tickets for me and my boo and have been referring to it as “Phil’s Valentine’s Day Present.” Obviously, we’re both benefitting. A romantic weekend on the beach is just what we need, and I can’t wait to leave Friday morning.


First things first: Looking the part.

Did I mention I was a shader pale of white? I wasn’t exaggerating. This week is all about exfoliation and moisturization in preparation for a little bronzation. Translation: I’ll be scrubbing my skin with Caudalie Scrub before getting a spray tan on Thursday night.


The combination of the cold and my penchant for high-heels have left my actual heals a little dry and unbecoming. I headed out to a neighborhood nail salon for a full-service pedicure today, and left with a gorgeous set of Mint Candy Apple toes. Totally beach-appropriate.

mintMint candy apple essie pedicure

I’ll be doing my own manicure though, and most likely in a complimentary shade of coral or red.

Next up: Prepping for packing.

Over the weekend, I made a pit stop at H&M to pick up a few beach essentials. I got rid of all my beach cover-ups last year as they were looking a bit ratty. I wanted a basic cotton dress for that purpose as well as a colorful dress for dinner.

I left with this stetchy, striped day dress and a neon-coral skater dress. The coral number needs to be taken up an inch or two, but it’ll be fine for now. Both dresses fit like a glove and were $15 and $35 respectively. Not bad!

In addition, I couldn’t resist renting a body-con Herve Leger from Rent the Runway. $125 for a $995  dress is a steal if you ask me.


Check out the details of my vacay here!

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