Let’s take care of our skin this winter!

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The glorious winter: Earmuffs, gloves, snow, hot cocoa and fluffy blankets. All the reasons why I enjoy the winter season, but of course it comes at a cost. Dry Skin, red noses, chapped lips and more! The winter months truly do take a toll on your skin so it’s important to make sure that it gets enough moisture and care!

I’ve added a few new products to my skincare shelf and new regiments to make sure that my skin gets all the love it can this winter!

I received a package from EOS containing a pumice stone and an exfoliating loufa. Normally I just focus on keeping my skin moisturized, but this time I wanted to make sure it was soft and smooth.

My routine:

I have sensitive skin so I don’t really find it necessary to exfoliate that often. I would use the exfoliating loufa twice a week on areas of skin that were rough and dry. I noticeable see a difference in those areas. My skin not only feels smoother but the complexion is brighter.

In a season where love is at its highest, from Christmas Eve to Valentine’s Day, it’s the best time to make sure your lips aren’t chapped and dry. Who wants to get kissed under the mistletoe or surrounded by red roses with crusty lips?

Thanks to Chopsaver, I’ve been able to get my lips back to the way they used to be. I love wearing lipstick, especially matte lipsticks, but I’ve noticed even more now than in the summer that my lips have been pealing and very dry! The chopsaver has brought back the moisture, which is exactly what I’ve been in need of! (Chopsaver is now available at CVS) 

Lastly, my new favorite skincare line, Pur~lisse! I received a lovely package with Pur~lisse goodies about a week ago. Inside there was a daily cleanser, daily moisturizer and an eye repair serum. Although it’s only been a week I can feel my skin changing. Not to mention the products smell wonderful. With ingredients like blue lotus, white tea, soy proteins and sea silk. The perfect combo of moisture + scent! (Want to try Pur~lisse products, check them out at Purlisse.com!)

Don’t let the cold air put a damper on your beautiful skin. Make sure it get’s extra care this winter!

Check out my YouTube review of the Pur~lisse Skincare products:





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